Christopher J Osborne

When all the world is green

These images were shot in various woodland areas in and around my home town of Edinburgh. The use a technique known as ICM or intentional camera movement. This involves using long shutter speeds (usually of somewhere between 0.5 and 5 seconds) and deliberately moving the camera during the exposure. This is combined with in-camera double exposures to create layers of textures.

My original "When all the world is green" gallery featured completely abstract images that imagined a world in the far future where mankind has long since destroyed itself and plant lift once again reigns supreme. But I always envisioned a series of images that began as semi-abstract image that were clearly trees, and gradually became more and more abstract. So the original gallery has been renamed "When all the world is green II" and it has been joined by what is in essence a prequel gallery of images called "When all the world is green I" that are more recognisable as trees.