Christopher J Osborne


I've been taking photographs ever since I inherited the family hand-me-down Kodak 126 Instamatic at the age of 10. I still remember my very first film: it was used on a school trip to Chester Zoo. A few years ago I found the photographs from that first roll of film on a trip home to see my parents. It was just a bunch of vaguely giraffe and ostrich shaped fuzzy blobs, but from that very first film I was hooked! I will always be grateful to my mum (who was an enthusiastic photographer herself) for giving me that first camera.

I love all kinds of photography, from modern digital photography to Polaroid and other analogue photography. Favourite subjects include travel, urban exploration. I love black and white photography and all kinds of experimental and alternative photography. You can find my Polaroid photography and experiments with using adapted vintage lenses elsewhere on this website in the Polaroid and Outlandish lenses sections.