Christopher J Osborne

iPhone I.C.M.

iPhone I.C.M. 1
iPhone I.C.M. 2
iPhone I.C.M. 3
iPhone I.C.M. 4
iPhone I.C.M. 5
iPhone I.C.M. 6
iPhone I.C.M. 7
iPhone I.C.M. 8

I.C.M. standard for Intentional Camera Movement, a technique that involves deliberately moving the camera while the shutter is open during a long exposure of usually around 1-5 seconds. The technique is often combined with multiple exposure.

Smart phone cameras don't provide the manual control over shutter speed required for this technique, so these images were created using an app called Slow Shutter Cam which simulates the effects of long shutter speeds by shooting a short video and then merging all the video frames into a simple image. It also provides a multiple exposure facility.

These images were then further edited using Adobe Lightroom on a computer or the Snapseed app on my phone (or sometimes both!).