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Polaroid film, cameras and techniques have played a big role in my photography for a long time, so I have decided to gather all the Polaroid content on my website into a single section.

Polaroid photography combines the unpredictable adventures of analogue photography with the kind of instant feedback that even digital photography can't match… not many digital cameras can deliver a print into your hand right after pressing the shutter button!

But what fascinates me most about Polaroid is the huge range of things you can do with a Polaroid print once it is in your hand. I love digital photography as much as anyone, and many of my favourite Polaroid techniques involve a digital component. But sometimes pushing all those pixel around on a screen, then hitting the print button to have a printer on the other side of the room spit out a print leaves me feeling too detached from the whole process. Experimenting with Polaroid film forces you to get your hands dirty and bring a feeling of handicraft back to photography.